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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

First Day of School Treasure Hunt- Strange Planet


It is that time of the year again, First Day of School Treasure Hunt!  We have done a treasure hunt as our Back to School Homeschool Tradition since my kids were very little and they have never grown out of it!! 

When the kids were younger we did simple clues. Here are a few samples

First Day of School Treasure Hunt- Part 1

First Day Treasure Hunt Part 2

As my kids become middle schoolers and high schoolers, we have started doing fun themes!

First Day Treasure Hunt- Hamilton Themed


This year I decided to pick the theme for our first day of school based upon on our 

favorite book of comics, Strange Planet by Nathan Pyle!

Clue #1- Begin by looking beneath leaves that sooth star damage

(under aloe plant)

Clue #2 Visit the room where you clean your mouth-stones

(bathroom toothbrushes)

Clue #3 Look inside the box that keeps the sustenance from spoiling

(inside refrigerator) 

Clue #4 Check where the ingredients for jitter-liquid are stored.

(coffee cabinet)

Clue #5 Go to where you imagine pleasant nonsense each evening.

(your bed)


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