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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Learning Cursive with The Hobbit, Cursive workbook

Cursive Handwriting for Hobbits

Do you have a Hobbit in your house who needs help with their cursive handwriting? Learning Cursive with The Hobbit is a cursive workbook designed to give meaningful handwriting practice through copywork of beloved classic literature!

The Hobbit is age appropriate for Elementary students learning cursive for the first time, or middle school age student reviewing their penmanship.  This workbook be used as a first introduction to cursive or penmanship practice for teens and adults. Includes Cursive Alphabet Reference Chart (D'nealian Script), upper and lower case practice, Hobbit related word practice and quotes for copywork .

This book is perfect for use in homeschool, classroom, during summer, or anytime your child needs handwriting practice.

It was another family project, with my kids helping find words and my detail-oriented husband once again did all my editing.  We deeply appreciate every purchase, as you help me keep this website open, and helping homeschool families from all over the country.

Age Recommendations:
  • 2nd to 5th grade learning cursive
  • 6th grade to adult who want to review their penmanship
  • Suggested Use and Schedule
  • Part one: Letter Practice
  • Part two: Word Practice
  • Part three: Quote Copywork
Part One: Letter Practice
Each page gives instructions first with guided arrow letter, then plenty of tracing and copying practice.

Part Two: Word Practice
 A collection of words from "The Hobbit" gives practice for capital and lower case letters, and how to link letters.

Part Three: Quote Copywork
A Collection of over 40 Hobbit quotes will give your child the opportunity to practice penmanship, letter linking, and proper word spacing. 

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