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Friday, June 14, 2019

Learning Cursive in Narnia : Cursive Workbook


Learning Cursive in Narnia is cursive workbook designed to give meaningful handwriting practice through copywork of beloved classic literature. Can be used as a first introduction to cursive or penmanship practice for teens and adults. Includes Cursive Alphabet Reference Chart (D'nealian Script), upper and lower case practice, Narnia related word practice and quotes for copywork . This book is perfect for use in homeschool, classroom, during summer, or anytime your child needs handwriting practice.

Why I Made This is Workbook
One of my boys struggles with his handwriting.  I looked all over for a cursive book that would peek his interest. I know that the best learning happens when connected to something meaningful, instead of just rote memorization.

We ordered a book themed workbook, based on another children's book series, but when I received it, I could tell it was not written by a teacher.  It was fun for practice, but not good at all for learning the formation of each letter and joining letters or correcting bad habits. As a homeschooling mother with a degree in Early Childhood Education, I knew I could do better.

The workbook we created has large illustrations with arrows on how to create each letter. Each page combines repetition of tracing and copying with the meaningful words and phrases from our family's favorite subject, the world of Narnia. The skills learned are thoughtfully scaffolded, as your child progresses from letters, to joining, to words, to quotes.

The words chosen for tracing and copying are found all throughout C.S. Lewis' beloved Narnia Series, including all the letters of the alphabet.  My boys helped me find many of the words, including "voyage" when I stumped for a v-word. The quotes for copywork are some of the most beloved in the novels, with many of our personal family favorites.

  • Suggested Use and Schedule
  • Part one: Letter Practice
  • Part two: Word Practice
  • Part three: Quote Copywork

PART ONE letter practice.

PART TWO Word practice

PART THREE Quote Copywork 

My amazing detail oriented husband did all my editing, especially the hours of formatting lines and quotes.

Once we completed, I wanted to share the book with more families. My workbook is now for sale on Amazon.  It is Cursive workbook features over 70 pages of Narnia related cursive learning and practice using D’nealian Cursive.

Book includes cursive practice of letters, words, and quotes.

Writing in the Wardrobe: Print Workbook

Don't forget to travel to Middle-Earth and Prince Edward Island after you leave Narnia:


  1. Is this available as a PDF or only printed from Amazon?

    1. Only on Amazon right now. Will update if I release as PDF.

    2. Thank you! I prefer PDF on some things... Esp handwriting when you will need more than 1 copy of a page. Easier to keep a digital file.

  2. Can this workbook be reproduced for the classroom?

    1. This can used for one time use of educational purposes only, no resale of the book. Multiple copies for classroom use: A teacher may make multiple copies for a one-time distribution in a class to students when no more than one copy for each student is made.