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Monday, June 10, 2019

Draw and Write Through History, 1850s to Modern Times

We are again using Draw and Write through History alongside My Father's World for Homeschool Art! I am amazed at how much my children have grown in their drawing skills using these books for the past four years!

The books are still used in conjunction with our workbox system, which creates more independence in the school day. These books are NOT consumables, so you can buy one for your family, then an inexpensive sketch pad for each child.


Napoleon to Lady Liberty
Week 1 The Statue of Liberty page 58 

Week 2 Log Cabin page 54 

Week 3 Queen Victoria page 55

Week 7 Drummer Boy page 46

 Week 10 Steam Engine Train page 50

The 20th Century
Week 18 Titanic page 8

Week 19 World War 1 Soldier page AND 21 German U-Boat page 24

Week 20 the Red Baron page 26

Week 23 Amelia Earhart page 31 page 24 AND Sherman tank page 39

Week 25 Winston Churchill page 42

Week 26 Jaguar page 49 AND scarlet macaw page 51

Week 29 Apollo 11 page 58

Week 30 Martin Luther King Jr page 55