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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Books about Puberty and Sex Education for Christian Families

Talking to my kids about big subjects is easier when the author of a good book starts the conversation for me. There are A LOT of great books on this subject, but I have not read them all.  Below are the books I have used myself , or were recommended personally to me by trusted friends. If you have any others, please comment and share!

Sex education with your children should NEVER be just one conversation that begins at puberty, many call it "the talk".

 Kids start learning about reproduction as they see animals  at the zoo mating, start with those conversations. Don't shy away, keep it simple with "That is how babies are made".

 Age appropriate organic conversations build on themselves so that when they are ready for the mechanics and emotions of sex, close to puberty and beyond, they have a foundation of communication and trust with you. Sex is a wonderful and beautiful creation from God.

You should be talking to your kids about sex early and often because:
  • It helps your children to prepare and be on guard against the fight of pornography by equipping   your children to know what true love and sex are meant for, instead of the world's view. As preteens and teens you need to discuss little more because in a world of Porn in your pocket smartphones, children need to know when to say no to the new drug. See Fight the New Drug for more information.
  • It helps their future marriage by taking away shame and fear. Sex is a made by God and is a wonderful thing to be enjoyed. See my post on how to talk about Song of Solomon with your kids


God Made All of Me: Helping Children Protect Their Bodies 
Read it with children as young as 2 or 3 years old, up to late elementary and junior high. This book is NOT about mechanics of  sex, but about private parts and how children can protect their bodies, which is an essential part of the sex education. This amazing book not graphic, but teaches children that no part of them is shameful.

Learning healthy and appropriate boundaries for the private parts is your first step in sex education.  I honestly am not sure there is even an age limit on this book because I read it with my TWELVE YEAR OLDS and they learned something new. The information for parents in the back of the book is priceless.

The Story of Me
With age-appropriate language and illustrations, this book explains to young children the marvelous body God gave them.

For Boys Ages 3-5 -Why Boys and Girls are Different: 
The first in the newly revised Learning About Sex Series for boys, will guide you in the often difficult task of introducing and explaining human sexuality. Through simple, age-appropriate text and pictures, boys ages 3 to 5 discover that the similarities and differences between boys and girls are created by God for specific reasons."


(Ages 6-8 years old)

For Boys Ages 6-8   Where Do Babies Come From? 
The second in the newly revised Learning About Sex Series series for boys. This book, the second in the newly revised Learning About Sex series for boys, will guide you in the often difficult task of introducing and explaining human sexuality. Through simple, age-appropriate text and pictures, boys ages 6 to 8 will better understand how a baby develops and discover that each person is special and important!

For Girls Ages 6-8Where Do Babies Come From? 
The second in the newly revised Learning About Sex Series series for girls.

The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made 
I was thankful for this books gentle approach to a very difficult subject of the mechanics of sex. I would not recommend just giving it to your child, but really take the time to read it one on one with each child.
It has alternating pages, one for a young reader and then for older children or the adult. Have your child read the young words and you read the older reading level.  It is starts the best conversations.
My favorite part of this book is that it doesn't just end with an awkward note of reproduction, but on the redeeming note of adoption.  It really was a wonderful and essential resource for every family.

(9 to 12 years old)

Conversations about Sex and Puberty MUST BEGIN BEFORE PUBERTY BEGINS. Conversations about puberty need to be preparatory, not reactionary.   Build trust and open communication with them before their brains and bodies fill with confusing hormones.

For Boys 9-11- How You Are Changing
How You are Changing is the third book in the Learning About Sex Series series for boys. The book explains to 9- to 11-year-olds that these changes are normal and are a part of God's perfect, unfolding plan for their growth and development. God knows His children and is with them every step of the way!

 For Girls 9-11- How You Are Changing
How You are Changing is the third book in the Learning About Sex Series series for girls.

Guy Stuff- Body Book for Boys
This is not a Christian book, but it is very very well done.  We bought it when my boys were in 6th grade, and they read it often. Every issue your boy will encounter in puberty is covered, from late bloomers to shaving, to pimples.
There is no morality issues or mechanics of sex discussed, but deals mainly with the  physical changes that accompany puberty. It deals gently with sensitive topics, like public hair and how to clean up after a nocturnal emissions.
The book also has great emotional help, like how to control your temper as your hormones surge.   See more and pictures inside the book with the review I already wrote on this great resource.

The Care and Keeping of You for Girls
This the girl version of GUY STUFF, by the same authors. I have friends who have read this book with their daughters and highly recommend it. 

We listened to these as a family. They are not all about sex, but the puberty CD that discussed sex was, in my opinion, very well done.
It covered the biological aspects of puberty that will enable girls and boys to eventually become parents. Boys AND girls need to know about menstruation, and Dr. Dobson covered it in a very age-appropriate way. He also conveyed that sex is not just for making babies, but for also for pleasure.
I appreciated he also talks about hormonal driven masturbation in these years, with helpful practical advice  on how to respond as parents. This opened up conversations for my husband talk to my sons about healthy non-shameful sexual urges they will experience as a young adult versus harmful lust of pornography. I would recommend listening to these as a family, not just giving to your child to listen to. They spark great discussions.

(13/14 years old)

For Boys: Ages 14 and up Sex and the New You
MY HUSBAND IS READING THIS ALONGSIDE MY SONS, so they can have good conversations and discuss questions. This book, the fifth in the newly revised Learning About Sex series for boys, will help young men ages 14 and up learn to respect their sexuality and honor God. Love, Sex & God addresses issues such as pornography, dating, and premarital sex, answering young men s questions in a simple and accurate way and always reminding them of God s never-ending love.

For Girls: Ages 12 to 14 Sex and the New You 
This book, the fourth in the newly revised Learning About Sex series for girls, helps young women ages 12 to 14 build confidence as they continue to mature not only physically but also emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Sex & the New You will answer young women s questions in a simple and accurate way, reminding them that they can trust in God s perfect plans for their lives.


How to Confidently Talk to Your Children about Sex
How to Talk Confidently with Your Child about Sex can help you teach your child a Christ-centered understanding of God s precious gift of sexuality. This parent guide also addresses challenging issues that older children and teens will likely confront, such as pornography, dating, and premarital sex, discussing relevant topics candidly and with a biblical worldview.

 Straight Talk with your Kids about Sex 
by Josh and Dottie McDowell. I personally think there is WAY TOO MUCH shame around the topic of sex in the Christian culture. You can read about my thoughts on how to share about sex with your kids in my post  Sharing Song of Solomon with your kids.  Josh give practical ways to open up this discussion with your kids in this book.


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