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Friday, November 1, 2019

Learning Cursive with Proverbs

Learning Cursive with Proverbs

Bible Based Cursive Workbook

You asked and we listened!

 After publishing Learning Cursive with Narnia and Learning Cursive with The Hobbit, I had several people ask for a Bible Based Cursive Workbook. Prayer and discussion led us to the choosing the book of Proverbs as an appropriate copy work. We chose proverbs we felt children could understand on their level, and apply to their own lives.

The translation we chose  for the quote copywork (Part Three of the workbook) is 
New International Reader's Version (NIrV) Early Reader's Bible because it written on a third grade reading level, making it a perfect fit since many children begin cursive in third grade. 

Proverbs Cursive workbook is designed to give meaningful handwriting practice for elementary and middle school students. It can be used as a first introduction to cursive or penmanship practice for older students!

  • Cursive Alphabet Reference Chart
  • upper and lower case practice
  •  Proverb related word practice
  • Proverb quotes for copywork from NIrV (New International Reader's Version).
Skills learned:
  • letter formation
  • letter placement
  • linking letters
  • word spacing


Part One: Letter Practice
Part Two: Word Practice
Meaningful word practice from Proverbs

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