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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Unexpected Unschooling

Our homeschooling style would best be described as Charlotte Mason meets Unit Studies, with a dash of traditional. We love our My Father's World curriculum, and ,Lord willing, have no plans in the future to switch. 
My love for my curriculum was kind of thrown out the window when due to a medical crisis, we had an unexpected month and half of unschooling, right after an already extended Christmas Break. I spent a lot of time wondering worrying how far we had fallen behind, and if we could ever “catch back up". Our time off from our preferred curriculum has taught me a lot of lessons; the main being that our previous five year of homeschooling has taught my kids to love learning, and Mommy not “teaching” won’t hold them back from that love.

Below is just a small list of what my kids been doing  during unexpected season of unschooling, all without ANY guidance from me (I am sure more was happening that I did not see) : 
  •  Reading...A LOT
  1. “CodeBusters Club” books series, then spent multiple days making up codes and creating decoder wheels
  2.   Classic Books read- “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and "Journey to the middle of the Earth"
  3.   I Survived” Series, great living book historical series 
  •  What the outcome of “Tree Girdling” looks like, and rationale behind the practice (at in-laws tree farm)
  • Identifying dry verse fresh deer tracks (at in-laws tree farm)
  • Composed an original worship song on the piano
  • Used a Math-themed library book to make create a scale from thread, a ruler, and Styrofoam cups
 This post is not intended to compare advantages of traditional versus unschooling (please refrain from commenting with judgment against either), but to encourage anyone who has been FORCED to take some time off of your preferred style or curriculum.  

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  1. I'm glad you gave yourself freedom to unschool during a rough patch. We've had to do the same off and on as we've navigated health and other issues. Sometimes it's unavoidable! I find the kids will often "unschool" themselves during vacations - without even knowing they're doing it. ;-)