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Friday, July 5, 2013

EASY DIY Transformers Cakes

My goal for the twins is to always make them each their own birthday cake.  The funny and great thing about twins boys is that they usually like the same themes.  This year they both wanted a transformers cake, and we accomplished it for under $10!

Materials Needed to make stencil:
  • top of cereal box 
  • printed picture of auto-bot symbol
  • exacto knife
  • tape
Materials to decorate cake:
  • Decorating Sand Sprinkles
  • icing & food coloring
  • cake mix plus ingredients on box

1.  Print Auto bot Symbol to needed size.  I was using 2 small 9 inch round pans so printed a half  page picture.
Click on image, then download.

2.  Tape to brown side of cereal box.  Cut out with exacto knife. I cut paper first, then cardboard. Make sure to have a cutting surface underneath your picture so you don't damage your table.

3. After cutting out picture, set stencil aside.  Bake cake and ice with color of your choice. I used food coloring in white icing.

4. Let icing dry and harden in fridge for a few hours so the icing won't stick to the stencil.  Once icing is not sticky, place stencil on cake and sprinkle decorating sand.  Pat sand gently before lifting stencil.

1 comment:

  1. Great idea. It came out really nice and the 6-year-old recipient loved it.

    When making the stencil, if you print out the coloring page above, there are a few pieces that need to stay connected (on the top and sides of the picture). See the photos of the finished product to see which parts to keep connected.

    I pressed the stencil down too hard because I didn't want the sugar to 'leak' under the stencil, but then the stencil stuck to the frosting. I had to do some patching to fix the surrounding frosting. One tip is to clear away as much excess sugar as possible before lifting the stencil, so you don't get too much sugar spilled on the cake.

    For lettering on the cake, I typed the words into and freehanded the letters with icing.