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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mixing Primary Colors- Preschool Rainy Day

With two boys, we are very tactile here in our lessons. Here are some fun ways we learned how primary colors mix. No color wheels needed, just early hands on learning. As your chidlren get older, you can teach the true circular flat color wheel , but this concrete knowledge will only add in their abstract knowledge of the color wheel.

Red +Blue= Purple

We had already been playing in the water table (bus tub from Sam's filled with water). Decided to fill two small bowls, one with red food coloring and the other with blue food coloring. Then I gave them some medicine syringes to each add colors to the plain water.

Yellow + Blue= Green

We did some finger-paints inside a Ziploc (make sure it is really sealed). Started playing first with the yellow, then after 5 minutes added blue.

Red +Yellow = Orange

As we studied Fire Fighters, we decided to paint some fire. I only gave them red and yellow. Just using finger-paint and brushes, we painted flames and as painted we talked about how they combined.

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