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Monday, February 20, 2012

Peek-A-Book Pantry

Was inspired by a kind of similar project on Pinterest, but my husband had to come up with the design and dimension on his own. I think he did great! We have a very small 1924 bungalow that is short on space. The previous owner bought this overlarge fridge and it takes up a massive amount of space and only fits in one space in the kitchen, so any remodeling is very limited. This sliding shelf uses the little space between fridge and basement wall to its most advantage!

Pardon painter's tape and white door in process of being painted, and busy fridge doors. Too many projects happening at one time!
My Father-in-law recently built us a custom wood table, so we got matching wood from his mill and finished it the same as the table. We debated for awhile about painting it white, but my husband won by pointing out that if we ever move I may not have white trim and walls in the kitchen, but we will have the wood table his father made us.

The hardware does match the drawers in the kitchen. Jon also though ahead by drilling handle holes in the other side to, just in case we move and want to put it on the other side of a fridge. Jon used dowel rods to hold the cans in, and casters for the whole shelf to roll. Again, he drilled holes on both sides for the dowel rods just in case we move and need to switch the side we use.

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