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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valetine's Day crafts

My husband and I decided to go homemade for valentines day this year. I decided to get the other men I love in my life in on making my wonderful husband feel loved.

We first surprised him with some Donut Holes by his coffee maker:) Thankfully he shared with us all!

We made him a gift for his desk at work. I needed to keep costs low, so I tried to use items from around my house. We had a large roll of paper from the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and after I wrote the words I had the boys color the heart red with crayons. I used an editing software to make the collage below. If you don't have that, you can use the editing tools at the printing kiosk, then print a collage. We printed this out for 9 cents and then put it in a nice $2 frame! He really loved it, and can be reminded everyday at work how much we appreciate him!

 The day before Valentine's Day we worked on cards. I have to wait til the day before for holidays because my boys are really bad about telling my husband the moment he gets in the door that we have a surprise for him. I assisted the boys in making the card below, then the boys colored several pictures for their dad and dictated their words to me.
*Teaching moment- We talked how to begin and end cards, and then they verbally practiced structuring paragraphs while watching me turning their words into written form!

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