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Friday, August 18, 2023

Discussing Current Events With Your Teen

Our High School History curriculum (Sonlight) asks the student learn about 2 to 3 current events a week.

Before we begin that process we must learn about bias and credibility. 

Today we went over AllSides Media Bias Chart (below), then Ad Fontes Media Bia (which also rates credibility, bias doesn’t dictate credibility, but is important to be aware of).

I have asked my sons to look up one U.S event and one World Event each week. They will read an online article in a center, left leaning, and right leaning reliable news source about that event. After reading about the event in three different sources they talk to me about the event.

I hope this will not only broaden their perspective of what is happening outside of the United States, but also make them more critical thinkers when consuming news.

Below I have typed their instructions for each week.


1. Use Ad Fontes Media Bias to find credible sources

2. Pick an event from a Center Reliable News Source 

*One from U.S.A

*One from the World News

3.Using the All Sides Media Bias Chart: Read an ONLINE WRITTEN article about the event from: 

*Center Credible Source  

*Left Leaning Credible  Source

*Right Leaning Credible Source

>All Sides Media chart does not rate accuracy or credibility. A publication can be accurate, yet biased. Unless otherwise noted, these bias ratings are based on online written content, not TV, radio, or broadcast content.<

Note that sometimes different sources will not cover all events, which can also reveal bias.  

4. Talk to Parent at weekly meeting about what you learned

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