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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Children's Sermon- Christmas and Advent

We have a family service the week after Thanksgiving, the children stay with their parents and do not leave for children's church. This allows families to worship together, including all our volunteers.  We provide each child a clipboard with two coloring pages and a ziploc bag of crayons. There is also a short Children's Sermon, a time we invite children to the stage and make them feel a part of the service.

Note for on Stage Children's Sermons: Please don't be tempted to make this 10 minutes. For preschool and elementary, you have 3 to 5 minutes MAX undivided attention for quality learning. It will feel too short to you as an adult, but it is developmentally appropriate, trust me.

Waiting is hard/ADVENT


  • bowl of candy (sugar free candy like fruit snack or something to keep parents happy) 
  • OR a bowl of simple toys

Look at this big bowl of fruit snacks! Who likes fruit snacks? You can all have one BUT you have to wait until end of the story to have one.

Waiting is hard isn't it?!?!?!

What are things we have to wait for?

Take 2 to 3 responses. (Birthdays and Christmas, Lines, etc.)

We are starting Advent , can you say Advent with me? ADVENT. Isn't that a funny word?
That is a big fancy church word for...."Waiting for Christmas!"

Who likes Christmas? What do you like about Christmas?

Take 2 to 3 responses.

Christmas is when lots of good things happen, like presents and time with family. People in the Bible had to wait A LONG LONG LONG LOOOOOONG time for the first Christmas!!!! Hundreds of years!!!

They waited....and waited.... and waited for the Messiah. Can you say Messiah with me? MESSIAH. That is a big church word for a person who saves us! A Messiah saves people.

So they waited....and waited......and waited for the Messiah. That Messiah was born on first Christmas!

Who was born on the first Christmas?

(JESUS!) Let them answer loudly.

Waiting for Jesus was HARD, even harder than your wait for Christmas, or your wait for this toy/candy.

But all that waiting led to something great!
We have to wait for a few more weeks for Christmas, and that is hard, but there will be great things when we get there!

Thank you for waiting. Waiting is hard, but it is good!!!

You can come pick a a pack of fruit snacks then go sit with your parents!

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