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Monday, August 12, 2013

Homeschool Name and Logo

Higher Rock Academy
 Psalm 61:2 has been a theme in our family, so it was only natural it be part of our name.  We wanted a name that would work through high school and look nice on transcripts, so we stayed away from our last name and cutesy names.

The name works on many levels. Firstly, it reminds me as a teacher that I am not the highest rock in this house.  I may be the organizer of our day, but our schooling can not be built upon my strength and knowledge (thank you Lord!). Second it reminds all of us of the whole point of this who school-thing.  We are learning about our world in relation to our Creator. He is the point to everything we do in school, from learning to read so we can read His Holy Word or understanding how objects in His creation relate to each-other.

I wanted a logo that would easily fit at the top of transcripts, and also look nice hung up in our classroom and printed on my teacher binder.

I have a very talented friend who designs custom graphic art with an etsy store called Fuller Words.  She loves custom work and has very reasonable prices!  All I did was tell her the name, the verse and meaning behind the name, and a color scheme we liked.  With that little info she came up with the awesome logo above!

The two small mountains are my twin sons.  The two mountains in the middle are me & my husband, then of course the tallest is our Rock of Salvation, Jesus Christ.

To see how you can get your own personalized Home school Logo at a reasonable price, visit Fuller Words on Etsy.

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