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Monday, August 12, 2013

First Grade Curriculum

We are continuing with My Father's World for First Grade. MFW has revised their 1st grade curriculum, but I chose to stay with the 1st edition because all the materials were already given to us.  We only had to buy the old student sheets by calling MFW directly.

Should you Buy Revised Edition or not?
I already had the 1st edition teacher's manual with all the older books, so it was a no-brainer for me. The differences between the 1st and 2nd edition of My Father's World 1st Grade seemed to mainly be the updated  girds, phonics, and math.We use Math-U-See, so there was no need for me to worry about the Math in the 1st edition. I also found several great free phonics supplements online and at the library.

Here is the blog post of how I organized the 1st grade MFW materials AFTER making this list.   I updated my 1st edition by making  my own weekly Planning Grid and list of our materials listed by Subjects. I put these all in a three ring binder along with other helpful lists, like Nature Walk Ideas and 1st grade Materials list.

FIRST GRADE Curriculum
*Supplement to MFW

· Proverbs memorization and copy work (Mamma Jenn's Blog for NIV)
· Bible activities listed in Teacher’s Manual
· Bible Reader & Notebook
· Bible Timeline
· 5 minute Family Devotionals

· Student Sheets & Bible Reader
·  Book Basket Lists

Language Arts/Phonics Supplements
· Student Workbook 
· Frog & Toad  literature Study at Co-Op*
· Phonics Readers  and BOB Books from library*

· Calendar  Journal Page & 100’s chart
· Hands-on activities in MFW Teacher's Manual
· Wooden Pattern Blocks
· Book Basket Math Books
· Math U See Alpha– Student Book & Blocks, Manual & DVD, Math Songbook*

· Things Outdoors
· Science with Water
· Science with Plants
· Activities listed in Teacher’s Manual for above books
· Book Basket Science Books (teacher’s Manual appendix)
· Co-Op All About Animals Class*
· Nature Walks 

· Come Look With Me-Art Books
· Drawing with Children
·  Seasonal art projects like making homemade Christmas gifts  *
· Experimentation with different art mediums- tempera paint, pastels, collage with magazines,charcoal, paper mache*

· Peter and the Wolf Disc (listen to while using above medium)
· Math U See Songbook*
· Cd’s from Library of different styles of music (play throughout the day)*

· Co-Op Gym Class*
· Outdoors activities* 
· Dance/ movements CD’s from Library*

Technology Skills
·  1st grade Typing and Educational Games*


  1. Thank you for this!! I am just starting to get everything together. I cant wait to see the rest!! This is so helpful.

  2. How often are you doing FLL during the week? :o)

    1. We do it twice a week. The beauty of this curriculum at this age is it is mostly oral and only about 10 minutes.

  3. Do you happen to have your grid for MFW 1st grade math? I'd love to not re-create if one is out there. Thanks! My email address is

    1. Sorry Amy, I don't. We used Math-U-See for our main math, then sporadically add in activities ,like pattern blocks from the Teacher's Manual, when we need a break between lessons.

  4. Hi. I bought MFW second edition package and was going to look for a used teachers manual since the new is almost $100. I have found a used first edition for a great price. Was wondering if I can use the 1st manual for the 2nd edition or they are very different.???

  5. I only had the first edition, so I can't say for sure. But from what I have seen some others it looked like the second edition and the student sheets are very similar. There are a few added math pages, but most of the students sheets are very self explanatory. The biggest difference is the first edition doesn't have the weekly teacher's grid, but I never had a problem with that because it was already laid out well and easy to follow.