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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Diapers and Disposables Shower

I was blessed recently  to throw a baby shower for one of my closest friends.  I chose to make the theme Diapers and Disposables because it will be her 5th baby and she had hand me downs from the other kids. Just because it isn't her first baby doesn't' mean she should miss out on her fiends coming together to show her how much we appreciate & support her  With all the work she puts in homeschooling her other four children, I felt like she deserved a baby shower more than anyone I knew! 


While big brothers and sisters will hand down toys and stuff,
Diapers and wipes, they can never have enough!

Please join us for a time of food and fellowship, and an opportunity to stock _____'s Changing Table! Guests are asked to bring packet of diapers, wipes, or any other disposables baby items that will not be handed down from siblings.

Other suggestions for Baby Disposable Items:
Baby Tylenol
Gas Drops
Baby Lotion
Tear Free Shampoo
Baby Powder
Diaper Rash Cream


  • Diaper Cakes. I watched a tutorial found here.  I made one 2 layer cake (size 2 diapers) and several one layer cakes (size 1 diapers) to put around the room.

  • Diapers and small wooden animals hanging with clothespins on clothesline son mantel and stairs

For Kids: Since we are a homeschooling bunch, I knew there would probably several kids at the shower.  I made up blank ABC coloring sheets, and had the kids work together to make the baby's first ABC book.

For Adults:  Decorating Onesies. Since the shower gifts were not going to  include new clothes, it seemed appropriate to plan an activity that would supply some of those basic needs for my friend.   Our hope was to  to create a wardrobe of encouragement for Mommy, as well as some cute things for Baby.  I was so blessed to see many bible verses and sweet notes to Mommy to encourage our friend at a 3 am feeding or an afternoon where everyone is in need of a nap.

Supplies Needed:
  • Fabric Markers
  • Various Stencils
  • Onesies in various size 0 to 8 mths.  
  • Cardstock-Put between fabric so markers do not bleed from front to back
  • Lists of Possible sayings for onesies to get creative juices going

Onsie Decorating Suggestions 
Will Cry for Food

 LMDO J Laugh my diaper off

I’d love to stay and chat but I really (Mustache)

There’s no crying in baseball!

Instructions Not included.

Eat. Sleep. Poop.  Repeat.

If don’t sleep, nobody sleeps.

I love my_____________

Baby Brother

Mommy’s Lil’ Boy

I still live with my parents

Party at my crib. 2am.

Don’t’ look at me, that smell is coming from Daddy

Daddy’s Little Helper

Got Sleep?


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made….
Psalm 139:14

Jesus Loves Me

Smile!  Jesus Loves You!

Train Me Up… Prov 22:6

For This Child I Prayed 1 Samuel 1:27

God’s Team ( sport symbol)

 F.R.O.G Fully Rely on God

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