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Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Family Tree~Button Art

I had lots of fun making this piece of art because it consists of magazine articles that describe our family and the things we love. There are articles on preschoolers, marriage, homeschooling, compassion international, and healthy budgets.  And since my husband is a Do-It-Yourself man I even included  building materials lists from a Lowe's projects he has made.

  • Canvas
  • Homemade Mod Podge/brush
  • Articles/words from magazines
  • Brown Acrylic paint
  • Green Buttons of various sizes 
  • Acrylic Sealer Spray Paint

1. First I used my homemade mod podge to put the articles on the canvas. Make sure you put mod podge on back of paper to have it stick to canvas. Layer these with big articles first that you don't mind having covered up. Then use the single words as top layer to fill in any holes.  Let dry.

2. Paint tree and let dry. I used chocolate brown acrylic paint to match the trim in the room I was planning to hang this painting, but you could use water colors if you want to see the articles through the paint.

3. Glue buttons to ends of limbs with either hot glue or craft glue.  I used Mighty Mend-it because it was the only thing I had in the house and didn't want to go out and spend any money on this project.

4.  Spray with Acrylic Sealer-Spray Paint.  Let dry for 24 hours.

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