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Friday, December 7, 2012

What I want to be when I grow up...

When I was six years old, I told anyone who would listen that I wanted to be an artist and a teacher.  Let me be clear, I didn't want to an art teacher; I wanted to be an artist AND a teacher. I was very clear in my first grade All About Me book that they were two different jobs.   

 Recently I received some somewhat not kind opinions about the fact that I "only have an Associate's degree".  I was also once told that Associate Degrees were "a dime a dozen and would get me nowhere in life".  I think these opinions were spoken from an earnest belief in my potential to "do more", I  respectfully disagree. While I am extremely proud that I have an associates degree for many many reasons ( a few being that I earned it while being married, paying for college completely by myself, maintaining a 4.0 AND without taking out a single penny in college loans), the most important it has led me to what I want to be when grow up....

I am a Teacher.  I used the student teaching of the A.A in Early Childhood to get hired by a prestigious college's Preschool/Kindergarten and teach along some of, in my opinion, the best teachers in the country. Now I am in the roles I know God has shaped me for since my youth. The skills I learned teaching children 2 years old to kindergarten at the preschool has enabled me to contribute immensely to teaching and help shape my church's kid's ministry .I am also a teacher of my children as we home school.  While I don't at all think you have to be a "certified teacher" to home school your child, I will praise the Lord in how my training has given me the preparation I  personally needed for this challenging call. As an extremely insecure and impatient person, if I had not been given those early opportunities to learn from talented teachers, I would probably have ignored the call to home school.

I am an Artist.  My time working with so many great preschoolers led me to know I never wanted to miss a moment of my own children's preschool years. As my twins grew up I found myself framing pictures  in my minds eye at every wedding I attended.  I saw possible locations for senior pictures wherever I drove. Now I run a successful part time photography business that I began when my twins were two years old.  Now after almost 4 years in business I have grown leaps and  bounds in my abilities and  leaning on God for his leading.  God brought me to something I never knew I loved, and He knew I needed to seek His glory and not my own to be successful.  I have learned so much  how He is sufficient as I rely on him to turn His creation into art. 

I am Teacher.  I am an Artist.  I am everything I wanted to be when I was six years old and so much more than I could have ever imagined. And most importantly, I am everything God wants me to be at such a  time is this.... I know I have a lot more growing up to do :)

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