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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stamped Personalized Bookmarks/ Necklaces

I love the industrial look of washers as necklaces, and also the personal touch of names.
 These can given as necklaces, or just as easily be used as bookmarks. Make sure you buy  several extra washers because there will be a certain amount of trial and error.

Main Lesson learned was to use a HEAVY HAMMER.  Do no use a cheap light weight hammer or you will have to pound 20 time for one letter, which leads to the  stamp slipping.


1. Stamp letters onto washer

Make sure you use a very heavy hammer.  I tried a cheaper hammer and ended up hitting about 20 times and still not make a clear letter.  With the heavy hammer only 5 to 8 good hits would make the  letter clear. The more  hits you make, the more chances you have of making a mistake with the stamper slipping or dropping the stamper...or worse hitting your finger

Personalization ideas:

  • my niece's name
  • my sister's married name and year of they were married on smaller washer
  • meaningful phrase. For two of my young nieces I put the phrase from The Help that the main characters tells the little girl over and over: "U R Kind, Smart & Important" 

2. Use Sharpie on to add contrast to lettering

After using the sharpie, if you mess up a bit, you can wipe it off quickly with wet wipe to get off of surface but leaving the sharpie in creases of stamped letter)

3. Attach to make ornament, necklace, or bookmark

To Make Necklace: In each bag I also included a second length of leather  or second necklace ribbon so they could change the color of necklace depending on outfit.  
I personally think this looks best as just a bit longer than choker length , but I included different and longer lengths so recipients could decide how long they wanted the necklace.

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