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Thursday, May 10, 2012


I was speaking with a good friend this morning about some really tough family stuff that keeps plaguing my heart, and probably always will. But as we cried and prayed, a saying that my grandmother said to me kept coming to my mind. She passed away when I was young, but my memories of her are very clear.  She said, "You can't have the sweet without the sour."

This simple saying seems to be the definition of wisdom to me.  I think we tend to pray for wisdom and think God will deliver it like a coin under our pillow after we deposit our first tooth.  In my short experience on this planet, any wisdom I have been blessed with has been earned through perseverance in trials and repeated mistakes.  I am learning to keep my mouth shut by sticking my foot in it too many times to count. I am learning that any type of emotional strength is like a physical muscle, it must be used to be built through pain. I am learning I am a good mother when I let my kids know I KNOW that I am not perfect. That I make mistakes. That I can be afraid.  That after we cry, the laughter feels so much deeper and stronger. 

Thank you Grandma for the sweet.

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