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Friday, May 11, 2012

Doctors & Nurses Preschool Unit/Community Helpers

This study was especially personal to us because my father in law and mother in law are both nurses. We actually focused on nurses and EMTs more than doctors because of this personal connection. My father in law is a nurse in an ER, so we asked if one his few days off he could take us on a tour.  This was so meaningful for all of us, and I think my Father-in-law like being able to show off his cute grandsons in the process.:)

During this unit we expanded on our community helpers theme of Emergency workers.  We also dove into our health a lot because the whole job of a doctor is to keep us healthy.  It seemed a natural segway into talking about food groups and eating healthy food that keeps us strong.

Circle Time Discussions-
  • What would happen if we didn’t have nurses and doctors?
  • How can we help doctors keep our bodies healthy?
Wood Wall
  •  Ambulance
  • Nurse
  • Doctor

Science Lessons: 
  •  Four food groups- use My Plate Printables
  • How to kill germs
  • Eat a rainbow everyday
  • Sing “Dem’ Bones” a lot while learning bones of our body
  • We examined my husbands real xrays of when he broke his shoulder blade

    Art activities-
    • Color, cut, and glue hospital and ambulance to our larger city map
    • Use white crayons on black paper to draw our bones
    • Color and cut out picture of food and put on a MY Plate printout -
    Math Activities-
    • Body Bingo-see in picture. We use dice and person stencil to make a fun game.
    • Make a chart of rainbow fruit and vegetables

    • The Berenstain bears go to the doctor / Stan & Jan Berenstain.
    • The X-ray picture book of amazing animals / written by Gerald Legg
    •   My body / Sally Hewitt, Angela Royston ; [illustrator, Chris Davidson]. 
    • Burger boy / by Alan Durant ; illustrated by Mei Matsuoka.
    • Oliver's fruit salad / by Vivian French ; illustrated by Alison Bartlett.
    • I know how we fight germs / Kate Rowan ; illustrated by Katharine McEwen.
    • Eat your peas / Kes Gray & Nick Sharratt.
    • Healthy food for thought [sound recording].
    • The big book of bones : an introduction to skeletons / Claire Llewellyn.

    Field Trip:
    • Papaw’s Emergency room

    First things First, the AMBULANCE! We where able to get inside the cab and the back!
    Thankfully there where no traumas in process because we where able to tour the trauma bays.
    Papaw and his boys

    And what hospital tour would be complete without a visit to the caesarian and some soft serve ice cream?

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