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Thursday, September 8, 2022

What About Yourself Are You Proud of?


"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." 
1 Thessalonians 5:11 

When you see something beautiful in someone else, you should speak it.  That applies to yourself too. What about yourself are you proud of? Encourage and build yourself up today.

We would never think that encouraging someone would lead to arrogance and unhealthy/toxic pride, so why don’t we allow ourselves to encourage our own hearts?  As believers we are so on guard towards unhealthy pride/hubris that we don't want to speak encouragement to ourselves. Healthy pride is really just encouragement to our hearts and minds.  

Remind yourself about a time when you did something hard.  Remember how you persevered when you could have given up.  Talk about the times you held on and walked one small step at a time through pain when you could have just sat down and let the hurt swallow you.  Think about the amazing different traits God specifically created you with to help others. We are called as believers to persevere and to encourage, so do it to yourself too. 

I'll go first.

I'm really proud that I fight for healing from trauma and abuse. I do it with counseling and the Armor of God, but so many have access to that armor and do not pick it up. They run from the battle when it doesn't feel fair, because it isn't fair. It isn't fair I have to keep fighting battles because of others' sin, but it is either fight or give up. I choose to keep fighting.

I'm also proud of the fact that I had 7lb and 6 lb twin boys vaginally. It was super scary and super hard, but I kept pushing (pun intended) and advocated for a safe delivery without a c-section, even when many thought there was no way I could do it.

Please comment and tell me something you are proud of!!!  I want to hear your encouragement!

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