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Monday, August 15, 2022

First Day of 10th Grade, Scavenger Hunt


We have begin our tenth grade, new school year and and we have stopped using the curriculum we have used since Kindergarten! 

As we get used to our new HIGH SCHOOL CURRICLUM, I wanted to start our school year with the same Back to HOMESchool Traditions we have done since Kindergarten!

After a special breakfast of cinnamon rolls, we have our annual First Day of School Scavenger Hunt! The prize at the end is always inexpensive.  It only take maybe FIVE minutes at most, so there is no worry about derailing your schedule for the day. It is OK that the clues are easy because the object of the game is NOT problem-solving hard riddles.  The object is to start the school year with fun!


The hunt was started by me handing them this clue:

Poke around the Pale Pachyderm


Second Clue was found on my white elephant statue:

Find the panda food near the pooper. 


Third Clue was found behind the bamboo plant in the bathroom:

Pop can plinkers. 


Fourth Clue was found on their BB Gun ammunition:

Partake in a snack prohibited to people with braces.



Fifth Clue was found inside our Whirley Pop popcorn maker.  This one almost tripped them up, they looked int he cabinets at the popcorn kernels and in the snack cabinet. It was fun watching them figure it out:  

Move to the machine that removes moisture.


The Prize was in the dryer!  Tis year the prize was just a ton of SNACKS! 

Name brand snacks are a luxury in our house, so I filled a bag with half a dozen random foods I knew my bottomless-pit teenagers would love to snack on during school.

For more First Day Scavenger Hunt Examples:

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