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Thursday, May 21, 2020

To Homeschool Moms during the "new reality" of Coronavirus

Speaking specifically to my fellow homeschool moms:

The new Coronavirus CDC guidelines for schools reopening in the fall came out this week. NO ONE knows what this will look like in implementation. Every school will look different in how they want, and can, follow these guidelines. No matter what your local school does, we all know life is going to be different, and probably harder, for your public school friends, and their kids next year, not to mention the amazing humans we call teachers.

While some of my friends are choosing to homeschool after quarantine, please please please remember homeschooling is not an option for many families, and furthermore it isn't even the best choice for many kids.

It is going to be very tempting as we see many parents frustrated with the realities to say, "That is why WE homeschool." This is not helpful.

The response,"That is why we homeschool" is NOT an appropriate or helpful response when a friend (who has a different schooling choice that you) is sharing a struggle with their child. Seriously, stop this.

I have been on the receiving end of "That is why we send our kids to school" more times that I can count; it is hurtful and judgmental. When a friend confides a parenting struggle we can listen to validate, prayerfully answer with scripture and encouragement, or just keep your mouth shut.

Not every mom should homeschool, and not every kid should be homeschooled. I know, gasp! Yes, this is a homeschool page. Yes, I LOVE homeschooling with my entire being, but I also firmly believe this lifestyle is not for every kid or family. My page is here to support those who feel the call, and believe it is best for their family.

I am not saying we should not be open to our friends about about homeschool. We MUST be there during this time to answer questions for anyone who is considering homeschool. I am very open about my choice to homeschool so that moms who are on the fence feel comfortable talking to me. But being open to helping is not the same as giving unsolicited advice to a public school mom whose struggling with their new reality.

Please pray and support your friend's choice to continue public school in the same way you want them to support your choice to homeschool.

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