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Friday, March 6, 2020

Sermon Notes for Kids, Ages 6-12

Sermon Notes for Kids, Ages 6-12
Sermon Notes for Kids, Ages 6-12

Do your kids doodle on the offering envelopes at church?  Or squirm and talk loudly during the sermon?  Or do you ask your children on the drive home what they learned about, and they say "I don't know."

My children have been using sermon notes I created for awhile now, and I am happy to now offer them to the public in the form of these inexpensive notebooks! Sermon Notes for Kids can easily slip into a church bag.


 Every page has plenty of opportunities for children to draw, either the speaker or illustrations from the sermon. Drawing is the best way to keep children busy, but also engages learning on their level.
Children can write about their favorite song lyrics, gratitude lists, and other information about the sermon.  Beginning writers can copy words from the power point or your church's bulletin. 
Children reflect on what they are learning about God throughout these notes. Every week has a section for your child to reflect on words or ideas they didn't understand. As a parent, you can review these words with your child every week for teachable moments. Many times my children would write words like "sanctification" and "atonement" in this section (with their own fun spellings of course).  Sunday afternoon became a time to look up and define any words they did not understand.
"I want to thank God for" gives your children an opportunity to practice thankfulness. 

Do you have older children? 
Check out Sermon Notes for Teens!

Sermon Notes for Teens

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