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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Inside Our Homeschool Workboxes

We love our 5th grade workboxes! They pair well with My Father's World, and we use them after our morning together time of Science, History, and Bible.  

Be encouraged, you are not the only one who had to tell your children to stop poking each other with pencils today. To those of you think my Homeschool Workboxes mean I get free time to do chores around the house during school, they don't. My 5th graders still need me in the room or they get distracted, bicker and poke each other. 

The workboxes free me from spending my whole day explaining what comes next and do foster a sense of ownership over their day, but they are not 100% independence. I usually work at my computer next to their desks, because they need me for questions and individual subjects of Math and English all morning long. The workboxes do allow me to blog and edit my professional photography business as they work. They allow me to leave the room to quickly throw a load of laundry in, without everyone loosing their focus at once.

Below is a video to  show a little day-in-the-life video of our homeschool workboxes, showing you inside each box. All the supplements mentioned have links below the video.

To read more specifically of each subjects that is inside of the workboxes, see this post!


Some of the supplements mentioned in the video:

Draw and Write Through History
Guitar Lessons for Kids

Free Piano Lessons for Kids

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