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Friday, January 15, 2016

Homeschool Work-boxes~Third Grade. MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures

Another year of My Father's World has begun! We continue to use MFW, alongside workboxes and some of our own supplements. 

This is a follow up to my Second Grade Homeschool Work boxes, My Father's World Adventures in U.S HistoryWe start around 9:30am with a snack before "school", then cuddle up on couch for together time.

Together Time 
I keep my Together Time books in the living room and we read together on the couch. 
  • Geography-Read Teacher's manual on new country, any country activities, listen to any songs from Wee Sing Around the World.  We usually save all cooking for Friday night dinners.
  • Lego Landmarks- We are building a landmark or flag for every country we visit.
  • Science- Readings from "Living World Encyclopedia" and "Property of Ecosystems".  If there are any experiments or worksheets to finish, we do them before work boxes.
  • Bible- "Hero Tales"

ECC Workboxes
We use 10-Drawer Organizer Carts  for our workboxes and love them!.
Below is ONE BOYS' boxes.  The other child has the same boxes, but in a different order (i.e if I am working on Math with one, the other is doing independent copy work or reading). Knowing your children's personalities also helps in setting up their order; one of my children has his reading as his last box because he has been know to get lost in a book and forget to do the rest of his school work. 

Box 1- Bible.  
 Copy work for Hero Tales . Matthew Bible Verses. 

Box 2Geography 
John 3:16 Country Student Sheets, Flag Student Sheets, or Copy work for Geography A to Z.  I also keep their passports Flags of the World Sticker book in this box.

Box 3- Spelling 
Our choice for spelling is Spelling By Sound and Structure for Christian Schools Grade 3 because it maintains more independence in learning.  The boys have a page to do a day, then a test on Thursday or Friday. I leave a note book to be used on test days, and any additional practice of missed words.

Box 4- Art and break 
 Instead of Book of Animals, we use Draw Write Now Books (also used in 2nd grade).

Draw Write Now Book 3: Native Americans, North America, Pilgrims
Draw Write Now, Book 4: The Polar Regions, Arctic, Antarctic (Draw-Write-Now)
Draw Write Now Book 6: Animals and Habitats: On Land, Ponds and Rivers, Oceans
 Draw Write Now Book 7: Animals of the World Part 1: Forest Animals
 Draw Write Now Book 8: Animals of the World Part II: Grassland and Desert Animals

Since the boys usually use the same  book, they have to grab the indicated book themselves. They are on the shelf next to the workboxes. Each boy can then get a snack and then take a 10 minute break.  I love that they have to set their own timer, and get back to work when they are done.

Box 5- English  
The twins use the same English book, so instead of putting the actual book in their box, I put a dry erase page that tells them what lesson to do, and if they need to do it with me.  The boys retrieve their  English book from the shelf next to the work-boxes, and work with me if indicated. I also include any materials they may need for that lesson.

Box 6- Math
 We use Math-U-See DVD curriculumMy usual schedule is watch video and learn new concepts with Mom on Mondays, then independent practice and review for the rest of the week. 
The video is upstairs in our living room, next to Together Time materials. 

Box 7- Typing  
FREE ONLINE , best resource out there next to Hoffman Academy.  The boys have a bookmark webpage on our desktop, and they must sign in on their own and complete lessons, and I have a teacher portal to check their progress.

Box 8- Writing
   Draw Write Now, or Cursive Connections.  When we run out of Cursive, I plan to add independent activities, like puzzles and flash cards.

Box 9- Piano and Practice 
We use FREE Online Piano Lesson Hoffman Academy.  The boys watch a video every Monday on our tablet, then practice each day afterward. I spent the extra $20 a year for the printable materials (totally worth it), and each child gets a worksheet every week to go along with their video. I typed a practice schedule with all their songs , practice games, and finger power exercises for the boys to practice more independently whenever we don't have a video. 

Box 10- Reading  
We love My Father's World Book Basket recommendations because they allow the boys to gather information on the country without me having to read aloud. All books from Library have to stay in basket n living room (cuts our late fees in half!!!).


  1. This is awesome. I'm getting ready to start ECC with my twin girls and think I'll be doing almost exactly what you've done here. Thank you! Do you by chance have a download for the workbox labels and instruction cards?