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Friday, February 6, 2015

Second Grade Curriculum~ MFW Adventures in U.S History

We are on our third year of using My Father's World.  We still love it just as much as when I first chose it over Sonlight.

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Second Grade Curriculum (included in MFW Packages)
I can not say enough how much we love Adventures in U.S History by My Father's World.
  • Language Arts- Language Lessons for Today, Second grade (MFW Recommended) 
  • Spelling- Spelling by Sound and Structure (MFW Recommended) 
  • Reading- Book Basket from teacher's manual, personal home library 

2nd Grade Supplements (Not included in MFW packages)
  • Math- Math U See, Alpha
MFW recommends Singapore Math.  While Singapore is a great system, it just didn't work for my hands-on learners.  As a teacher, I also appreciate the DVD curriclum, and the mastery approach (as opposed to spiral approach).
  • Art- Draw, Write, Now Books
  • We did some of the beginning pages from the I can Draw book recommended by My Father's World, but just didn't get into the painting and marker pages..  The boys have several opportunities to paint at co-op and during their free time at home.   The Draw Write Now books are a great independent Drawing program that can easily be used when utilizing Homeschool Work boxes. You can find our DRAW WRITE NOW schedule that I used to line this art up with our History Subjects in Adventures.

  • Liberty Kids- Historical Video Series
We began watching these in week we started learning about Benjamin Franklin.  They are so well done, that I ended up watching most of them with the kids.  This video series was especially helpful when we had to do homeschool at my in-laws a few hours away during Deer Hunting Season!  
We love the music lesson provided in Adventures, especially the Nutcracker study.  
On top of those lessons, we pooled our gift cards from Christmas and bought a small beginner keyboard.  Piano lessons with a teacher are just not in our budget, and the free lessons from Hoffman Academy have been a huge blessing to our family.  At this age, the parent will have to sit with them during each lesson and practice, but we all look forward to watching the lesson video each week. I am amazed at how much the boys have learned through these lessons in just a short time. We spent the $20 on unit printable materials, and it was well worth it.

We usually do the Bible lessons in the manual, but if I miss one, I know my kids are having a great time  and learning a ton in Awana.  The teachers are wonderful volunteers. The boys get spiritual education, time with friends,  and gym time at the end of each meeting.  The bonus for me is I get an hour and half free every week to have coffee with my husband, go to the grocery store by myself, or just sit and read a book in quiet!  Find a local club near you.
 Bible Character Costume at our Awana's Fall Festival...the twins were dressed as Armor of God!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! :)
    My little girl will be in 2nd grade next year, and we're thinking about homeschooling again. I'm loving everything I see from MFW, it looks so engaging. I need to figure out how to follow your blog! :)