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Monday, January 12, 2015

A Day In the Life: Our Second Grade Room

My Father's World- 2nd Grade Adventures In  U.S. History

Our schoolroom is very small space in our basement, about 10 feet by 9 feet. We start each day with Together Time at the table, or on the couch (next to the table). 

Together Time is usually reading our devotional and/or History Book on the couch.  If we have a science experiment, we do it in the kitchen before heading downstairs to the homeschool room. 

 I store most of our supplies in a spinning organizer  from Hobby Lobby (used 40 % off coupon of course).

The rest of the art supplies are in the pockets of a screen that I bought from a friend, that also doubles as space to hang posters (clips for poster from Dollar Tree). 

Out Pocket Chart is used for calendar.  I made all the numbers and dates out of plain white paper. 

A local Private School was closing and had a sale of their classroom supplies, and I bought this huge cork bulletin board for $3. It is great for our timeline and Names of Jesus Poster.

After Together Time, each boy has Individual Work, which includes workbox time and chores
Our Workboxes are based on Sue Patrick System, Instead of moving labels to know what they have done, the boys work from top to bottom and keep the draw open of the drawer they are finishing.  I stagger the subjects that need one-on-one time with me, enabling me to help them individually in Math and Language  arts. 

I try to make all copies at the beginning of the year, and organize by week using hanging folders File Tote  . 

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