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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tree Study. Winter Trees K-1 Lesson

In a continuance of our tree study, here is another lesson that blends some art and science. Original inspiration was from this post. I extended into the seasons on by using one of my favorite picture books. For grades K-3rd

Main Objectives
  • Science-Trees change through the seasons.
  • Art-Different Winter Tree silhouettes

Go on a nature walk in the winter and collect branches.  Look at the silhouette of the tree, we called it the "Tree skeleton" and saw how they were mostly made of the letter "V".

We sketched some "tree skeletons"in our nature notebooks, and read a books on shapes of trees in winter and trees in different seasons.


Make Tree silhouette with painter's tape, then water colors over the top.  Remove tape when dry.
Materials needed:
  • Painter's tape
  • white paper
  • water colors

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