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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Water Cycle/Weather Unit 1st grade (or Kindergarten)

During MFW 1st grade, we read about water cycle and storms in "Things Outdoors". 
The boys really enjoyed this subject so dug a little more into it though different paths.



  • Magic School Bus: Gets Wet All Over

  • Art Extensions:
    • Water Cycle Printable (after watching You Tube video above)
    • Water Cycle on Bulletin Board  (pictured above)
      • Materials- tempura Paint, Paper Plate for Sun. and butcher paper for clouds, rain, and water
    • Read "Cloud Book" by Tommie De Paola and make Cirrus/cumulus, and Stratus clouds out of cotton balls and glue
      • Take book on your next few nature walks and discuss the clouds you see

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