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Friday, May 10, 2024

Should I give grades in my homeschool?


If you're scared that not grading like the public school will hurt your kids in college, let that go. I never gave grades in elementary or junior high. We worked until they mastered something, then moved on. If they were struggling, we found new resources and stayed on the topic. I was ok being "stuck" because it was better than being left behind.

I had to start giving grades in high school for transcripts. I have never given given a grade on an English paper that wasn't an A, but not because I am an easy grader. After they took a few outside classes I learned I am their toughest grader. But I always allowed them to turn in a rough draft, then we reworked it together until we were both satisfied. Through this process they learned how to improve their writing and rewrite. My motto is most of writing is rewriting.

I knew there would be a learning curve to how they viewed rough drafts and time management when they began taking classes at our local community college. We discussed often that in college they can not submit a first draft as your final draft. I reminded and prayed they used their rewriting skills BEFORE turning it into the professor. 

Flash forward to today. It's a Friday and their final paper for their dual enrollment class, Introduction to Literature, is due Sunday at midnight. I was already proud that they both set a goal of getting their final paper done before the weekend, but now I'm doubly proud they finished it yesterday so they could spend today reviewing and rewriting before submission. 

Keep going homeschool mom, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When you feel discouraged that your child has to do something AGAIN, see it as an opportunity! They don't get a grade then we move on. It is so much better to be stuck than left behind.

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