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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Repeating Christian Choruses


Christians who make fun of repeating choruses on worship songs, this scene from Good Will Hunting is why you need to STOP. 

Ten times Robin William's character has to tell this broken young man it wasn't his fault that he was repeatedly abused. Ten times.

He says he knows the first few times, but it doesn't really become truth in his heart until the tenth time. Many of us need to be told over and over a truth about God, or what God says about us. 

I had to sing " I surrender all" over and over before I truly did.

I had to sing "You're a good good father and I'm loved by you" a half dozen times before I believed it. 

Please stop making fun of repeating choruses. Some of us really need them. 

If you've suffered abuse on repeat, you need healing words of Jesus on repeat. 



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