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Friday, June 3, 2022

Summer Break Judgment: Homeschool Edition

Some of you with an unschooling bent are low-key judging those who follow a more traditional philosophy of education and call it "summer break".  Learning happens all the time so we can never take a break from it!

Some of you who follow the traditional school-year calendar are low-key judging "year-round" schoolers!  Mom and kids both need a break, let them be kids and have a summer!

Some of you who're year-round homeschoolers are low-key judging those who follow the traditional school calendar.  We takes breaks when we need them, not because the school calendar arbitrability tells us to. 

Some of you who follow traditional school year, but still do some book-work to prevent summer slide are low-key judging those who take the whole summer off.  You will regret it in the fall when they forget all their math!

I know this because I have been, or been on the receiving end, of all these comments. I've tried it all; traditional school year schedule, Sabbath Schooling (6 weeks on/1 week off), year-round school, and even a season of unschooling.

Does your summer homeschool plan address the needs of your personality and family structure?  If yes, then allow others to plan according to their needs, even if it looks different.

Some homeschooling schedules work in different seasons. 

To the mom with only elementary and younger kids, your life looks different when you have only teens. My younger kids needed a full no holds barred summer break, no lessons and no review, just parks days and playing in the blow up pool. My now teens needs some structure or they will just SIT all summer.  They also really need Algebra 1 review so they don't struggle with Algebra 2 in the fall (they took Geometry this past year).

Some approaches didn't work because it just didn't fit my kids' or my personality. 

I like flexibility and have to plan in a lot of margin so we don't overschedule, but I also need structure or my days feels restless and I don't get anything done.  My kids are also not super sportsy and we don't have kids in our neighborhood their age anymore.  We don't have travel league in the summer that we have to structure around.  They will sit and read for 8+ hours, which I'm not really complaining about, but they also need to be kicked out of the house every once and awhile to MOVE THEIR BODIES and TALK TO PEOPLE.  It is a balance. 

If any of the above rang true to you, please check your heart for the low-key judgment of other homeschoolers summer plans. Maybe you are feeling insecure and defensive about your choice for summer break, and you are over-compensating with judgment?  If so, take some time to examine your own personality and your kids personality.  

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