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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Friendly Biology Homeschool High School Science


Friendly Biology Homeschool High School Science

My kids like science again! We are loving Friendly Biology for high school! 

Better Retention

We had used Apologia for several years, but switched for high school after it took us almost 12 months to get through Apologia Physical Science.  Due to the great Apologia Study Guides, both boys were getting As on their tests, but would not retain much past the test. The language was too dense, and while it seemed like rigorous learning, it was really just cramming incomprehensible terms for a test with no retention.  Worst of all, it was making them dislike science, which has never been a problem with my science minded children.

One of my sons described Friendly Biology compared to Apologia, "It sticks a lot better because they aren't overloading my brain with words I don't understand."

Cost Effective

Friendly gives 20% when switching to them from another curriculum! Even without the discount, the price is still very budget friendly!  The student workbooks are only $10 each and test workbooks are $15.

 I have always used Apologia, and when we got Physical science I couldn't afford text AND the student notebooks anymore. I have several tips on how to homeschool when you can't afford it, but I almost always have my kids write in a notebook and sell the consumables.  Friendly's prices allow me to buy each son their own workbooks, and with twins that is a very rare!

Fun, yet simple, labs

The labs are pretty simple and are usually with items easily found in the house, or very inexpensively from the store. 

Today for our lesson on Cell Division the boys created a Mitosis Model Display using playdough. This is more simple than most of the labs, but my kids loved it and they were able to explain the whole process easily to me after the lab.

Day 1- Read Lesson
Day 2- Practice Pages
Day 3- Lab 
Day 4- Test

Click here for a FREE PDF OF OUR SCHEDULE,
 which makes independent study much easier!  


  1. How do you take advantage of the 20% off when switching curriculum?

    1. I am sorry but I don't know the detailed answer to this, you wuld have to contact Friendly Biology directly on their Facebook page. A friend gifted us the main teacher's manual so I only had to buy the workbooks.

    2. Yep, send us an email and we can get you details of our restart discount The discount is 40% 🤩