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Saturday, August 15, 2020

First Day of School HAMILTON Treasure Hunt



Start your school year with FUN!  A Treasure Hunt on the first day is a great way to get your kids excited about starting the school year! It seemed only fitting that this year's treasure hunt is themed after our new favorite Historical Musical, 

We have started our year with a Treasure Hunt for for almost six years now.  We change them up each year, but here are a few examples of Treasure Hunt Part One and Treasure Hunt Part Three.  I thought that my middle school aged children may not enjoy it as much as they did when they were in 2nd or 3rd grade, but it is still a huge hit.


1. Depending the age of your children, try to number the clues so they go from room to room, preventing them stumbling onto Clue #4 before Clue #2. For example, Put clues #2 and #3 in the first room of your house, Clues #3 and #4 in the second room, etc. 

2. For younger children, have the clues on the outside of objects so they can be found easily.  For older children, you can tuck them inside things, but be there to provide guidance (see tip #4).

3. If possible, hide the treasure in a different level, so that they don’t come upon it while searching for clues. For example, our boys’ treasure basket will be on their bed, and I don’t have any clues in their room, so they won’t happen on them.  You could end in your basement or outside in the garden to prevent them from finding the treasure too soon. 

4. Keep is short and fun.  The point of this is not to solve a super hard riddle, but to start the school year with some fun and a prize.


Clue #1- Hand it to them

Ooh, if the shoe fits, wear it
If New York’s in debt—
Why should Virginia bear it?

Clue #2 In the Shoe Bin

The President is going to bring the nation to the brink
Of meddling in the middle of a military mess,
A game of chess,
Where France is Queen and King-less.

Clue #3 on our chess board in game closet

Why do you write like you’re
running out of time?
Write day and night like you’re
running out of time?
Ev’ry day you fight, like running out of time
running out of time

Clue #4 Behind the clock

Hey yo, I’m just like my country
I’m young, scrappy and hungry
And I’m not throwing away my shot!

Clue #5 In or On the Fridge

Then a hurricane came and devastation rained
our man saw his future drip-dripping down the drain
put a pencil to his temple connected it to his brain
and he wrote his first refrain a testament to his pain

Clue #6 On the Pencil Holder

Look around look around the revolutions
happening in New York!
look around look around at
how lucky we are to be alive right now!

Clue #7  On New York on our Globe

Come back to bed, that would be enough

Put Treasure on their pillows
Keep the prizes inexpensive. This year I bought them:
  • Hamilton Soundtrack- Clean (yes, my kids do still sometimes listen to CDs, I also got it in MP3 format)
  • Replacement whoopie cushion from Dollar Tree 
  • Silly putty from Dollar Tree (they love to love with it while doing school)
  • Fakes Mustaches from Dollar Tree (they are making a movie and they need costumes)


I have created a PDF download with 14 different Hamilton Clues so you can personalize it to fit your own home! 

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  1. Thanks so much! We purchased Hamilton tickets yesterday (happy dance!!!). I am so very excited to give them to my kids for Christmas. I was trying to think of a fun way to present them since it will pretty much be their only gift of substance. I think I'll use your scavenger hunt! I was thinking of creating large "golden" tickets for them to find.