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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Pros & Cons Walmart Grocery Pickup

Aldi will always be my first love, but Walmart Grocery Pickup is really starting to warm my heart.

Walmart has always been my last choice when grocery shopping, but if I never have to set foot in their store, yet can still get their low prices, then I am beginning to feel the first stirrings of love.  It kind of feels like I am cheating on Aldi!

The past few months I've been going over on my Grocery budget, even though I meal plan and stick to my lists. I decided to try Walmart Grocery Pickup to see if it helped, and it really did! Last week my grocery spending for the week (for a family of 4, including 2 teenage boys) was only be $76, including fresh produce and toiletries! I credit this to Pickup allowing me to meal plan and grocery shop at the same time.

I don't think this will be an EVERY week, because there are just items I can only get at Aldi and Meijer, but twice a month has been so nice!

After a few months, I am ready to share my pros & cons with you.  Please comment if you have any more to share!

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  • Time is money- My kids are almost teenagers, so shopping with them isn't a hassle like it was when they were younger, but even without the little ones, time is still money. The time I save with pickup allows for a few extra loads of laundry done, or maybe even time to finish editing my latest kid's book.   Oh, how I wish this has been around when I was trying to wrangle twin toddlers! 
  • Energy Saver- No more wasting money on ordering pizza or takeout because I'm too tired to cook any of the food I just bought (we have all done it)! There is just something about grocery shopping that is mentally exhausting, no matter how well I plan. Pickup means no more wandering aisles while I try to find where they moved the peanut butter this week. 
  • Gas Saver- I attend a weekly Bible Study that is a mile from Walmart, and I choose a pick up time for the hour following that study.  I am already out of the house, and I don't have to worry about being "too tired to shop". It saves so much gas!
  • No impulse buying- The worst thing for your budget is not sticking to a list! Grocery stores study the science of retail, and every aspect of their store is strategically set up to get you spend more money than you planned. It is no coincidence that the stores smells like fresh rotisserie chicken during peak shopping hours or that science proves people shop longer when music is playing. They want you buying from end caps, and sales in the aisles. They put everyday items in the back, so that you will have to walk by the entire grocery store to buy milk. Walmart Grocery Pickup takes all of the retail science tricks away, and allows you to shop only from your list.
  • Enables consistent meal planning-  Meal Planning saves money, always. The app allows me to meal plan and grocery shop at the times, all while I look through my cabinets!  No more wandering in a store trying to remember if I have an ingredient for a recipe, or worse, changing my meal plan because I saw something on sale. Sales may feel like you're saving money, but if other ingredients have to be bought, or worse, ingredients you've already bought don't get used, then you didn't save anything. Long term, consistent meal plans save more money that "shopping the sales".
  • Easy contact and review process. I will give Walmart credit, they are very quick to correct mistakes with refunds (to your card, not store credit) and gift cards. A friend of mine had to wait 20 minutes after pick up time (this may happen during busiest time of the day), and after she filled out her review (they send via email) she was given a $10 gift card. Another friend was given a moldy orange, and all her oranges were refunded as soon as contacted them and filled out her review.

  • Grocery Pickup App is easy to use- 
  1. Check-In On your way to Pick Up. The app alerts you when your order is ready, and if you check in when you leave your house, your order comes out the moment you pull into a parking spot! 
  2. Specify items you will NOT accept substitutions for.  I am allergic to eggs, and the app allows me to mark that I will not accept Egg Noodles as a sub for my EGG FREE noodles. 
  3. Easily add a few items items to an existing order. I needed to add a few extra items on Monday to an order I placed on Sunday. They were added and I picked it all up on Tuesday.
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  • You need the App for it to work right- All the reasons why the app is great are also the reasons why you have to have the app for it to work the best. I used the website instead of the app for two trips: the first time I waited almost 20 minutes after I arrived for them to bring me my items. The app let's them know you're on the way, so your items are already pulled out of freezer and fridge, and ready when you arrive. The second time I used the website instead to he app they gave me awful substitutions (see below).
  • Don't get to pick out your own produce- This is the biggest drawback for me, especially when you're given bad produce. Walmart will refund your money if the produce doesn't meet your standards, but it still means you're out that ingredient you wanted.
  • Bag happy- They give items from different departments their own bags, it has something to do with how they store them before you pick up. Last week they put a small cottage cheese in its own bag. A friend told me she ordered a candy bar, and it got it's own bag! I recycle mine, but it still feels wasteful.
  • Limits your shopping to Walmart inventory- Let's face it, it's Walmart. I like Meijer and Aldi much much better. I have to make every other week trips, or once a month, to a few extra stores because there are items that I just can't, or don't want to, get at Walmart. Last week I stocked up on a month of my favorite chicken stock at Meijer, and tomorrow I will have to hit Fresh Thyme for some of my dairy free options. 
  • Substitutions are sometimes not always logical- Sometimes they give Ragu Sauce instead of Prego, and that is logical. But sometimes they will give you egg noodles as a sub for your allergy friendly egg free noodles. Or Navy Beans when you ordered Black Beans. Not so logical. Again, the app allows you to say what you will accept substitutions for. Without the app, it's still Walmart, and they make not always intuitive choices for substitutions. Again, on the app you CAN specify items you won't accept substitutions for.

Enjoy $10.00 off your first order from Walmart Grocery.

I hope this helps someone who is considering Walmart Grocery Pick Up!  

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