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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

You are mine.

Recently I was sitting next to my husband at our church's monthly prayer meeting. As he began to pray he spoke with wisdom and humility, lifting up concerns and praise to God. I was struck in that moment with an overwhelming feeling of pride as I thought how this man is MINE. The feeling of pride was so strong it sent goosebumps all over my body, I felt it all the way down to my toes.

He is MINE, and I am HIS.

This response wasn't just a symptom thankfulness for this man, because I feel that all the time. It is truly easy to be thankful for my funny, caring, hard-working husband. He makes my life easier and more fun, for which I am thankful.

No, this wasn't thankfulness, it was a fierce pride. This man is MINE. The pride I felt was not the possessive version of pride that is a symptom of insecurity, but joy of deep abiding security in my position in his life. I know where I stand with him and he knows where he stands with me.

I am his, and that is secure.

He is mine, and that is secure.

As I reflected on that moment of overwhelming pride, I of course began to wonder, do I feel that same sense of security and pride with the bridegroom of the church, my Savior?

When God prompts a questions in my heart, He is always faithful to answer it. As I took communion this week, God whispered to my heart,
"Robyn, take this cup and eat this bread.  Remember it signifies the same thing that the wedding ring does in your marriage, but even stronger. It is a symbol of a fierce love and commitment that nothing can break. I am yours and you are MINE."

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