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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

When You Realize You're Meg March, not Jo

Growing up I always thought I was Jo March. I think all women think they're Jo at first. Books and adventure away from home was my goal.

Maybe all girls identify with Jo at some point because we are all trying understand this elusive idea of womanhood. If we don't like fancy dresses, are we still feminine?  It isn't either tomboy or girlie girl, there is an endless amount of women in between.

There came a point where I had to admit that while I can see myself in Jo, I am Meg in my motivation for life. I am not as feminine as her and adventures and books are treasures to me, but my deepest desire is first for the strong and steady love that creates a lasting healthy family.

Thankfully I married my John Brooke, his name is Jon Joyner. I have my twins, two boys instead of a boy and girl. This steady love carries me into a place that allows for books and adventures. Steady love takes strength, courage, and perseverance, all the makings of an amazing adventure.

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