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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Draw and Write Through History- MFW Exploration to 1850

The Draw and Write Through History books are a great independent art supplement to your History program.  We often had one child working on these while the other worked with me on Math or English.

We paired these with our curriculum, My Father's World, but you can use alongside any history study. 

Books Used:
I have suggested days to do these that go alongside the History or Science* reading, but you use your own discretion on how you would like them to fit into your week. If you have a full day, don't feel like you have to add these on that specific day.

  • The Nina- Tu/W               page 6 (repeat from last year if you did Rome to Reformation)
  • Bison* (large mammals) W      page 21
§         Windmills-  Tu               page  24
§         Pilgrim-  W                     page  27
§         Squanto -   Th                page 31

§         Kangaroo* (Marsupials)-  M       page 15
§         Koalas* (Marsupials)- T             page 18

§         Robin* (birds)Th                       page  28

   §         Pirates (coast of Pennsylvania)- W      page 36
   §         Galapagos tortoise* (reptiles)-Th     page  39

Week 18 Pilgrims, Pirates, and Patriots 
   §         Paul Revere-W                               page 42
§         Revolutionary Soldier-  Th              page  47
§         Cannon-  Fr (or next week)            page  52
§         Washington praying (Valley Forge) W/Th   page  56

Week 22 Pilgrims, Pirates, and Patriots  (British settlement in Australia)
§         Australia copywork - Tu     page 22
   §         Great Barrier Reef - M        page 12
§         White House-M               page 10

§         Steamboat (Robert Fulton)- Tu  page 25

§         Napoleon-Th/Fri            page  6

§         Sacajawea- Th                  page 13
§         Grizzly Bear - Fri              page 17 

  • Alamo-W                           page 30 
Week 30 Napoleon to Lady Liberty (Gold Rush)
  • Stage Coach-M                    page 35
  • The Gold Miner-Tu           page 38
*I have indicated if it is goes with Science, just in a case like us, you are flipping the science studies and doing Botany first of the year.  If you are doing this too, you will just move those drawings to the corresponding week you study that animal. 


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