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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Puberty Book for Preteen & Tween Boys

I have been looking for a book like Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys since my twin boys turned 10 years old!  I don't usually dedicate an entire post to just one book, but this is too good not to share!   Each puberty issue is clearly addressed & well written, but not in boring technical terms or with a feel of an 1980's health class video. The fun illustrations and wording that will make any young boy interested.

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys is a book I checked out from the library, then immediately ordered. By the time I had found this book, I had checked out multiple books, trying to find a book that covered these puberty topics in a way that:
 1.) was interesting for my kids
2.) was NOT more focused on sex education that the many facets of puberty

I recommend an adult read it with your preteen, as it opens up opportunity for great discussion. My husband will be reading this with my 11 year boys a chapter at a time as part of their nighttime routine.

The physical changes are explained, and accompanied by multiple practical applications, like how to correctly ice a sprained ankle and how to use baking soda in stinky shoes!

Each page has funny, yet informative, illustrations that will draw any young tween into reading.

I love that on top of the physical changes, there are many emotional challenges covered; like bullying , confidence versus arrogance, and late bloomers. The funny illustrations and simple to read terms are perfect for any preteen.

The book validates the emotional roller coaster of puberty, while also challenging the boys to use self reflection in their moods in feelings.  It spends a large part talking about the hormones that are influencing their moods, but I appreciate most the PRACTICAL tips to work through new feelings of moodiness and aggression (i.e count to 10, don't isolate, apologize if you know you were wrong, etc)

This is not a book about sex! It is about puberty. The small chapter on erections & nocturnal emissions discusses the biological aspects, and how to handle the unexpected erections in public or clean up after a nocturnal emission. These are biological things our sons must know. Zero about sex or masturbation. Those conversations are left for a parent. If you are looking for a book to introduce the discussion of sex, I highly recommend The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made.

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