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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Exercise Jar for Kids

Winter equals more baked goods and less outside time! My boys both have gym classes at co-op, but it is only once a week.  They love playing int he snow, but during Christmas break we are still stuck inside most days due to extreme cold temperatures.  I decided to add some exercise to the daily agenda and workboxes by making an Exercise Jar.

I picked exercises that kids can do with very little help.  If they didn't know how to do an exercise, we watched a quick video when I explained the jar (link for how to videos below).

Choose a small amount of reps for each exercise, then work your way up as your kids get older. When my kids began we started with 10 jumping jacks.  They are now preteens and do 20 to 30 jumping jacks at a time. If your child is really struggling with one of these exercises, just take it out of the jar.

EXERCISES (click for with how-to videos)

When they were younger I had  each boy finishes his free typing lessons they had to pick 3 exercise from the Exercise Jar.  What better time than after sitting at a computer?!  It's a good lesson for all of us in this modern computer age. It isn't a full workout, but keep them moving a little more during the day.

This year my seventh graders do FIVE exercises every day, and they have more repetitions of each one.  Our exercise jar is an everyday elective because they are preteens who are not naturally moving as much as they used to. After my boys have finished their work boxes for the day, they do their electives.

To keep in shape, maybe you as a mom can pick a few to do with your kids!

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