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Monday, August 11, 2014

Tree Study Booklists

For more Tree Study Lesson Ideas see my specific lesson plans on Tree Unit Study, geared towards lower Elementary, K-3rd grade. Some of the books have specific links to lessons plans I have written for that book.


Family & Friendship 
  • "The Inside Tree" by Linda Smith
  • “I am Good at being Me’ by  Renee Graef
  • “The Friendship Tree” by Kathy Caple
  • "Dirty Gert" by Tedd Arnold
  • "Gus is a Tree" by Clare Babin
Growing Up & Time Passing


Science of Tree/Leaf Species
  • "Tell Me Tree" by Gail Gibbons
  • "The Big Tree" by Brice Hispock
  • "What do Roots do?" By Kudlinksi
  • "Tree is a Plant" by Clyde Bulla
  • "Are trees Alive?" by Debbie Miller

Trees & Art

Animals and Trees
  • "This Tree Counts!" by Alison Formento
  • “The Busy tree” by Jennifer Ward

Uses of Trees

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