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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Organization for First Grade MFW

I used home school logo to help unify all our materials.

Teacher Binder
I keep this binder in a large basket, along with student sheets and teacher's manual.

Inside the Binder
Kid's Binders

Dry erase pages
Folders for finished work
  • Finished Proverbs Copy Work
  • Finished Math U See work pages or tests
  • Finished Student Sheets
  • Finished Art Projects

Kid's Shelves
Each child has his own shelf with notebooks and materials.
  • Student workbook
  • Bible Notebook and Reader
  • Nature Journal

UPDATE 3/2014: Since writing this we have stopped using "Drawing with Children" and use "Draw, Write, Now" Books for art.  
We also have stopped supplementing with First Language Lessons and just use the reading program in Teacher's Manual and phonic readers for Language Arts. First Language Lesson is good L.A. curriculum, but my boys were not reading yet so we needed to focus on phonics and the Manual and Workbook were plenty.

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