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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Super Heroes Party on a Budget

With twins, birthdays can be tight on the budget.  Below is a Super hero party we threw on a very small budget.

Spiderman Cake & Batman Cakes $5 total
Since my boys share so many things, I always make sure they have their own cake.

  • One cake mix $1.50
  • Icing $1.50
  • Blacking tube incing $2
  • Batman Clip art turned into Stencil- Free (see tutorial on DIY cake stencils)
  • Food coloring- Free
  • Action Hero Toppers- Free Happy Meal toys we already in toy bins (disinfected of course!)

    The lines for the web were not perfect, but my boys loved it!
    Gotta love happy meals toys used as a cake topper!

    I keep costs lower by buying red and blue plates (red for superman and blue for batman), napkins and utensils and the cakes are the only real theme decoration.  The leftovers were used for 4th of July party the next week!

    Games & favors

    $20-20 Water Gins from wlamar (kids take home one at end of party)

    We filled a water cooler with water and put the guns inside so the kids could refill them without adults assistance.  Then as a favor each child was asked to take a water gun home:)

    1. Make sure you let parent know their will be water guns on the invitation! I pit it on mine but wish I had made it bigger b.c some people didn't see it and were surprised with the water when they got there.
    2. Make a HOME BASE, like your deck, where no one can get wet.  Most adults stayed on the deck because they didn't want to get wet:)

    $2- 20 invitations printed at Walmart.

    Kept it low by designing an invitation on my computer, then getting 9 cent prints at Walmart.  Again, it isn't fancy but on a budget it works just fine!

    The boys get one birthday present from us on their birthday.  This year it was Super hero capes from Superkid Capes.  Highly recommend!  They have girl capes also! I will post more pictures in another post:)

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