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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Community Helpers:Grain&Vegetables Farmers

Preschool Homeschool Community Helpers; Vegetable Farmer Unity Study

  • What kinds of farms are there?(this is good to keep discussing over meals later about what we eat)
  1. Vegetable and Grain Farms
  2. Fruit Orchard
  3. Dairy Farm
  4. Animals Farms

Real Farm
If you can track down a real farmer, visit them!  Ask on facebook for friends who are related to farmers. We found most farmers are excited to share what they do with us! We were able to see the large yellow combine he uses for the fields, then also ride on this smaller antique red combine in actions! Farmer Randy takes it to tractor shows!

Farmer's Market
Find a farmer's market near you and take the kids with you to buy ingredients for your dinner that night.  Depending on their age, let them help prep some items; husk the corn on the cob, clean potatoes, prep green beans, etc.

  • Do A Dot Art! Markers  on Letter F for Farmer or Letter C for Corn 
  • Use Corn kernels to make a letter C 
  • Trace letter C in cornmeal

  • Take corn kernals off a dried out Corn Cob
  • Sensory table filled with corn kernels and little farm vehicles
  • Husk corn on the cob for dinner, notice how each kernel has it's own piece of silk  attached to it
  • Print tractors and corn plants to put on your big community helper mural
  • Use dried corn cobs as roller for painting

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