Friday, February 1, 2019

The Balance between Mom and Teacher

Some people ask how we, as homeschool moms, balance the two roles of Mommy and Teacher.

Some days I rock the teacher role as we calmly talk them through dividing fractions. Some days I fail as teacher as I tell them to wait until Dad gets home to ask him to explain why their math problem was wrong.

Some days they cry in frustration at school work and I calmly remind them in my teacher voice that making mistakes just means we're learning. Some days I respond to their tears of frustration with a short "Just suck it up and do your work."

But no matter what, I'm always their Mom. Today my son was getting frustrated writing his History Notebook. After a few minutes of tears, and honestly me not being very empathetic, he said with wisdom beyond his years, "Can I please take a break so I can calm down and get my feelings under control?"  He then came and silently hugged me for five full minutes. Afterwards he went back to his desk calmly wrote a great summary in his History Notebook.

In that moment, I got to be the perfect combination of Teacher and Mommy, exactly what he needed.

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