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Monday, December 25, 2017

Guitar Lessons for Kids

I love homeschool, but sometimes I worry about some of the extracurriculars. Thankfully there are several free resources to be found online.

My husband taught himself how to play in high school, and consequently used that talent to win me over, because who doesn't love a guitar player!?

 Each of my 10 year old sons have enjoyed learning to play piano for free at home, so we bought them their own guitars for Christmas!!!

  We love the Beginners Acoustic Guitar Kit , it has everything you need to start; with a bag, pick, strap, tuner, and plenty of extra strings. When we added these all up separately, this was a very good deal.

While my husband can play basic guitar, he isn't a trained guitar teacher. We decided to find a guideline to help the process. He is going to do one weekly lesson, with each boy, using these lesson plans and videos. He gets to be  our music teacher, with his own teacher manual!

We found for these well done Lesson plans, videos, and printables for beginning your kids on the guitar FOR ONLY $25!


Four Gifts at Christmas
Free Piano Lessons at Home: Hoffman Academy

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Roman Soldier Helmet

We are enjoying our study of Rome during Rome to Reformation.  The end of the Roman study calls for a roman feast and roman costumes.  To be honest, we haven't gotten to the feast yet, and we made these costumes during winter break, 2 weeks after we were supposed to, but that is just how homeschooling goes sometimes.

We found this tutorial online, but didn't have cardstock.  I solved this by printing on regular paper and using Aluminum Foil to cover all the pieces.

Materials Needed:
  • Roman Solder Helmet Printable (on regular paper is fine because you're covering with foil to stiffen)
  • Aluminum Foil (I bought the cheap stuff from Dollar Tree)
  • Stapler
  • Red marker or crayons
  • Scissors
 1. Print Roman Solder Printable

2. Children cut out pieces, coloring top red.

3. Assist your children in covering with foil, all except top of fridge.  Use pieces twice the size as the piece of paper, and fold over, creasing at edges.  It is OK if it's not the exact shape as your paper, it is just a guideline. 

4.  Staple pieces together on the spots where the templates indicates to glue.  Put on child's head to size straps before stapling. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Where Grief and Christmas Meet


This is supposed to be the best time of the year, yet there is always pain mixed in the joy of this season. Even in the biblical nativity account,  hated King Herod introduces unimaginable grief into the miracle story of  Jesus' birth, with his ambition leading to deaths of many innocent children. Joy and pain in one story. Suffering and a Savior, intertwined.

 I feel the meaning of Christmas sharply in my soul this year. The coming of our hope, our Savior. We unexpectedly lost my husband's brother last month to a tragic accident. He was only 36, and a father of 4 children. He was a godly man, who had fought hard for joy, true love, and healing, before his life was cut way too short. I am truly proud to have been his little sister for 15 years. We are heartbroken.

 The joy and pain go hand in hand. The beauty of our world is so intricately connected to the pain, sometimes there is no separating them. You feel them both. They both hurt, but in different ways.

I keep crying, but one eye is filled with tears of grief, and the other tears of joy.  I honestly can't the difference anymore.

 I don't think I ever truly appreciated the beauty of this world or the overwhelming  grace, mercy, and miracle of the gospel, without the sharp pain of the suffering on this world. I hate that I have this new appreciation for the holiday,  and detest the avenue in which it was learned, but I do. The greatest gift God can give us, besides our salvation, is perspective.

I know the pain of seeing a loved one pass away before my eyes, while at the same time feeling the joy of knowing he is falling on his knees as he sees the face of his savior. Both pain and joy, sitting next to each other in my heart. Extreme pain, extreme joy.

Today I fall on my knees, with both crushing grief and overwhelming thankfulness in equal measure. I hear the Gospel Story, and see my Savior.

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