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Friday, April 21, 2017

LEGO Landmarks- Exploring Countries and Cultures

This past year we turned my boys' Lego obsession into another avenue of learning.  

Our third grade study was a tour around the world, using My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures.  For each country, we studied their culture, flags, ecosystem, and landmarks.

You can use this list and make your own "Around the World" Study.  Look up books on the country at your local library, and have a ball!  If there wasn't a specific landmark that jumped out at us, we made a few animals that we studied in that country's ecosystem. Some were my idea, and some were the boys' ideas. Use your imagination, and your kids will probably come up with their own fun creations!

 Lego Landmark can be added anytime during your trip around the world. We would usually make the flag the same day we introduced the country, and then colored a flag notebook page, we made a landmark at the end of studying each country.  

In hindsight, it would have been fun to buy at least one of the lego landmark sets as a Christmas present , or big end of the year celebration.

  •  Map of your room, house, and  neighborhood.  

North America

United States
  • Buildings- Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, or White House
  • American Flag

  •   Buildings- Mayan Ruin Pyramid Chichen Itza and an Adobe House
  • Mexican Flag

  • Maple leaf
  • Ecosystem- Northern forest and tundra animals

South America

  •  Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janerio
  •  Ecosystem- Rain forest Animals

  • Reindeer shepherds and their homes (after watching a video on nomad reindeer shepherds)

  • Building- Eiffel tower
  • French flag
  • German flag

  • Crocodile int he Nile River
  • Watering  hole with animals, on Savannah 
  • Kenyan flag

Saudi Arabia
  • camel 
  • Arabian flag (use green lego board for back, and white blocks for design and sword)
  • Building- Taj Mahal (after reading 'T is for Taj Mahal')
  • elephant
  • Indian flag

  • Building- Great Wall of China

  • Japanese Building with traditional rooftop
  • Ninjas and Samurai Warriors

  •  Russian flag
  • Saint Basil's Cathedral

  • Penguins 
  •  Building-Sydney Opera House
  • different types Coral Reef

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