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Monday, August 11, 2014

Tree Study. Balloon Trees

Main Science Objective

*Trees are useful in our everyday life.
*Many items we use everyday are made from trees or tree by products, including rubber.
*Rubber trees gives a sap called latex and latex is used to make balloons.

 Balloon Trees by Danna Smith

For preschoolers
Balloon Play:

  • balloons
  • fast paced music

 Blow up enough balloons for each child to have their own. Play fast paced music while the kids keep the balloons from touching the floor.  When the music stops, they grab their balloons and yell "We love Balloon Trees!"  in unison. 

For Kindergarten-3rd gradeBalloon tennis

  • balloons
  • 4 fly swatters
  • masking tape
Make a line on ground with masking tape.  Divide into teams of two.  Use fly swatters as racket and baloon as ball.

Here are some other balloons games you can play .

Tree Study Booklists

For more Tree Study Lesson Ideas see my specific lesson plans on Tree Unit Study, geared towards lower Elementary, K-3rd grade. Some of the books have specific links to lessons plans I have written for that book.


Family & Friendship 
  • "The Inside Tree" by Linda Smith
  • “I am Good at being Me’ by  Renee Graef
  • “The Friendship Tree” by Kathy Caple
  • "Dirty Gert" by Tedd Arnold
  • "Gus is a Tree" by Clare Babin
Growing Up & Time Passing


Science of Tree/Leaf Species
  • "Tell Me Tree" by Gail Gibbons
  • "The Big Tree" by Brice Hispock
  • "What do Roots do?" By Kudlinksi
  • "Tree is a Plant" by Clyde Bulla
  • "Are trees Alive?" by Debbie Miller

Trees & Art

Animals and Trees
  • "This Tree Counts!" by Alison Formento
  • “The Busy tree” by Jennifer Ward

Uses of Trees

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Days of Seven Dwarves

There are days when I feel like I have been every one of the seven dwarves..... 

SLEEPY before coffee

GRUMPY with stubborn and thoughtless people 

HAPPY I have awesome kids 

SNEEZY because allergies suck

DOC with band-aids in my wallet

BASHFUL during greeting time at church

DOPEY whenever I open my mouth